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Europe's getting a 5-game Vita Slim bundle this summer


Sony's bringing a new Vita Slim bundle to Europe in June, this time with codes for a quintet of games. The famous five are Injustice: Gods Among Us, God of War: Chain of Olympus, PlayStation All-Stars, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate and Killzone: Liberation. You'll see it's subtitled the "Action Mega" pack, but with those games we'd call it "Not for Pacifists."

The eagle-eyed of you will have spotted two of those games are for PSP rather than Vita - that's God of War and Killzone - and we'd prefer to see Killzone: Mercenary in there. In any case, the 200 euros bundle also chucks in a much-needed 8GB memory card.

As for which countries, the pack's confirmed for Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, UK, Bulgaria, Croatia, Iceland, France, Greece, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Spain. There's no word yet on a concrete release date.
[Image: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe]

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