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Joystiq Deals: Mobile App Mastery, Scribblenauts Unmasked


Today on Joystiq Deals, you can beef up your mobile development skills with The Mobile App Mastery Bundle, a suite of web courses and training programs that tackle app creation, optimization, and marketing. Normally priced at $884, the bundle can be yours today for $59 -- a savings of 93 percent.

Steam users, meanwhile, can take advantage of a day-long sale on Warner Bros' Scribblenauts series. For today only, the digital distribution platform is offering Scribblenauts Unmasked and Scribblenauts Unlimited for $4.99 each.

Over on Xbox Live, Microsoft serves up a series of discounts on alien-themed games for Xbox Live Gold members. Featured games include Aliens: Colonial Marines, Team 17's Alien Breed series, and Earth Defense 2025. Discounts remain in effect through next Tuesday.

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