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Mighty No. 9 footage looks mega-familiar


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Looking undeniably like the latest project from the developer behind Mega Man comes our most recent glimpse at Mighty No. 9, a work-in-progress demonstration chock full of classic gameplay concepts.

From the single-room boss battles to the jubilant way the protagonist jumps, this clip reinforces the idea that Mighty No. 9 is a direct descendant (if not spiritual sequel) of the Mega Man franchise. "Spritely blue adolescent blasts robots in noble quest to defeat world-shaking evil" works equally well as a descriptor for both Mighty No. 9 and nearly any Mega Man entry. Normally that could be seen as tired and derivative, but its been four years since the release of Mega Man 10, and with no further Blue Bomber adventures on Capcom's horizon, fans are starved for Keiji Inafune's particular brand of plucky heroics - that $3.8 million in crowdfunding success stands as proof.

Unfortunately, fans still have about a year to wait for Mighty No. 9. Though Inafune's team has yet to determine a specific release date, the above trailer reinforces a commitment to launch the off-brand Mega Man's debut adventure during the Spring of 2015.
[Image: Comcept USA]

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