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Nintendo launches Mario Kart 8 replay hub website

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Nintendo has unleashed the official website for Mario Kart TV, a web-based replay hub for Mario Kart 8, which launched today. Players can watch and share races uploaded from the Mario Kart 8's TV mode at

The site allows players to filter content based on character, courses and race types. Find an especially devious red shell-laden match? Replays can be shared via Facebook and Twitter.

Connecting to the site with a console's Nintendo Network account allows players to view their own uploaded content. While no mobile app was released for the replay viewer, GameSpot reports the site's videos are optimized for smartphones and tablets.

In the Joystiq review, weekend editor Thomas Schulenberg said Mario Kart 8 "is a solid extra lap on a series with a great foundation." As part of a promotion for the game's release, Nintendo is offering players a free digital copy from a selection of Wii U titles for a limited time.
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