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Breakfast Topic: New models or old?

Anne Stickney

We've seen more than half of the new character models that are due to be released with Warlords of Draenor. Frankly, I continue to be impressed with every update we've gotten -- the new models are so much better in terms of both quality and expression that it's pretty breathtaking to see. It's one thing to see single models in an Artcraft, though -- it's another thing altogether to see thousands of these new models running around interacting with the game. It's going to be weird.

I've been looking at these old models in game for almost ten years. I've scrolled through the familiar faces I don't know how many times while choosing countless alts that were either leveled, or tossed aside over the years. It's not just my characters that are changing -- the entirety of Azeroth is getting one massive facelift, and it's going to be a little strange to look at, I think. Obviously, I'm a fan of the new models and how they are coming along, although I'm still impatiently waiting to see the human and night elf male models, not to mention the troll female. But what about the rest of you? Are you happy to see the progress being made with the new models? Are you excited to see them in action? Are you looking forward to playing a character with a facelift, or do you think you'll miss the old models, despite their sometimes rough appearance?

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