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Epic plays the new Unreal Tournament (and you can, too)

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Epic Games has shown off the first playthrough of its upcoming Unreal Tournament reboot/sequel/thing-we-haven't-had-since-2009, and the results are ... well, it's got a ways to go. But that's okay, because as you may have heard, Epic wants you to help shape the game as it's developed. And now, you can.

According to a post on the Epic Games community site, those who subscribe to Unreal Engine 4 can download the prototype on display above, while intrepid coders can even create their own prototypes. Not a fan of the weapons available, or think the character models move just a hair too slow or fast? Build your own version and submit it for the community to test.

While calling what's on display and available to download a fully-fledged game would be generous to say the least - the devs in the video seem genuinely surprised when the build keeps track of score and recognizes a winner - it is still, nonetheless, the bones of what will one day form a complete skeleton.

A skeleton which will subsequently develop meaty, bloody bits that will presumably be blown away by Flak Cannons.
[Image: Epic Games]

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