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​Google+ for iOS updated to make your photos look better, create videos with them


You don't have to wait for iOS 8 to edit your photos in the cloud: Google is giving the option to its iPhone-toting users right now. The latest build of Google+ for iOS has been outfitted with the usual assortment of Snapseed-sourced features, including a ton of filters, enhancements and basic crop and rotate tools. Naturally, these edits are stored in Google's own cloud, so you can continue tweaking images on new devices. The update also gives iOS users access to Google+ Stories -- giving you something to do with those newly edited photos.

Not familiar with Stories? It's pretty simple: its a tool that creates "Auto Awesome" travelogue videos, automatically curating content from your albums and mashing them together into a easily sharable format. The feature debuted on Android last month, and is slowly making its way to other platforms.

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