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Tim Cook drops huge sales numbers, takes jab at Android


Like any good CEO, Tim Cook is on the ball with some awesome sales figures at the WWDC 2014 keynote today, revealing some big numbers to update everyone on the long-term sales of the company's decides. According to the big man, the iPod touch has now moved over 100 million devices, the iPad has passed 200 million sales, and the iPhone topped 500 million units.

But that's not where the numbers end. To provide an idea of how Apple's iOS devices are bringing new Apple users into the fold, Cook revealed that in the past year, 130 million iOS devices were sold to customers who were purchasing their very first Apple device. Speaking of iOS, Apple's customer satisfaction rating for iOS 7 stands at 97%.

Not one to ignore the heated battle between iOS and Android, Cook took time to note that 89% of iDevice users are using iOS 7, while just 9% of Android users are currently using the latest version of that OS. And just to drop a few grains of salt in the wound, the Apple CEO had some fun with the stats, noting that many current iOS devotees had originally bought an Android device "on accident" before ending up with a superior experience on Apple's phones and tablets.

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