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    Daily App: Photos+ expands to become a viewer for your animated GIFs, Dropbox images


    Image view and management app Photos+ from SecondGear recently changed hands and is now being developed by SilverPine Software. Since its transfer, Photos+ has undergone two revisions that have expanded the utility of the photo viewing app for iOS.

    The biggest revision is the return of animated gifs, a feature that allows you to preview all the animated gifs you have in your photo roll. Unfortunately, you cannot view the animations when you are browsing your library in the thumbnail view. I assume it would be too taxing on the processor and too distracting to have 20 gif thumbnails animating all at once. As a result, this limitation makes it difficult to discern the animated images from the static ones, but there is an easy workaround -- just group all your animated gifs together by dropping them into an album.

    Photos+ Animated Gif

    To view the animation, you must tap on each gif to view it individually. In this individual view, you can access details about the gif (resolution and file size) and share it with others using the Photos+ sharing button. Sharing options include the default services in iOS 7 such as Twitter, Facebook, Messages and Mail.

    The other major feature is Dropbox integration, allowing you to use the wonderful user interface of Photos+ to browse through all your Dropbox images. You can view the images, preview their EXIF data and map their location if it is available. You also can manage these Dropbox images, downloading them to your iOS device and moving them between albums with ease.

    Photos+ is available from the iOS App Store for US$2.99. It is compatible with the iPhone.

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