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Get karting quicker with Wii U's new update, out now


The Wii U's summer system update is available now, headlined by quicker booting and auto-installs of further updates. When you turn on your Wii U the firmware's Quick Start menu lets you select recently played or installed games and boot into them in seconds. In other words, getting into Mario Kart 8 just got a triple mushroom boost.

Nintendo already introduced auto-downloading of system updates in the powered-down Standby mode, and now the Wii U can install them in Standby too. Another new Standby feature is GamePad Alerts, namely optional "special notifications from Nintendo" that pop up on the tablet even when the system's turned off.

Other additions include a revamp of the Users Settings screen, a Notifications icon on the Home menu, and the ever-faithful improvements to system stability.
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