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Google Glass test update lets you see notifications by shifting your eyes


If you've worn Google Glass, you know that it can be a pain to tilt your head back every time you want to check a missed alert. You might not have to move so awkwardly in the future, though. Google has posted an as yet unannounced Glass update with an experimental "notification glance" feature. As it implies, you only have to point your eyes toward the display to turn it on and see a recent notification. The catch? Right now, the new trick doesn't apply to general use; Android Police notes that you can't shift your gaze just to take a picture or get directions. Nonetheless, the glance option should be very helpful for Explorers who'd like to keep their head movements (and funny looks from others) to a minimum.

Update: Google has finally announced the feature, and is encouraging explorers to try it out, check out the Google+ post and a pic of the notification after the break.

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