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Massively's WildStar launch day roundup

Eliot Lefebvre

Well howdy there! Guess what, ladies and gentlemen, it finally happened after what seems like an eternity. WildStar has launched today, giving everyone a chance to explore the mysterious planet of Nexus, whether your interests lie in building homes and fortifications, learning about the local wildlife, or just laying waste to everything around you with practiced zeal. So it's only appropriate that the game has a new launch trailer just past the break to celebrate the fact.

But that's not all, boys and girls -- we've compiled more than a few bits of news that you might want to feast your eyes upon before you jump in-game. Or, you know, if you're at work and can't jump in-game at the moment anyway, that is also a distinct possibility. So watch the trailer, do your reading, and get ready to explore Nexus from top to bottom. It's a big old world, you know.

The Nexus Telegraph: WildStar's headstart (launch) is here!
Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen. We've been waiting for it for a very long time, but you can indeed play the game now. WildStar is no longer a vague promise of what might be in the future, it has well and truly launched, and it's inherited all of the launch issues that come along with every single MMO launch, along with an assortment of people certain that we've never seen anything like this before.
WildStar releases its server list
Head start for WildStar starts on Saturday, but where will you be creating your character? How can you know without a server list? You can't.
Secure both your WildStar account and cool bonuses with Google Authenticator
WildStar players making plans to jump into this weekend's headstart now have one more thing on their preparation list: to connect their accounts with Google Authenticator.
WildStar reveals its last pre-launch trailer
It's the last week before WildStar's launch. Head start kicks off on Saturday. And Carbine Studios wants you to buy the game, if for no other reason than the simple fact that the developers would like the game to do well so they can continue to pay their rent.
The Nexus Telegraph: Preparing for WildStar's launch
When you read this, dear reader, you will be less than two weeks away from early access to WildStar. Unless you've come here just to let everyone know you don't want to play the game, in which case you might want to find slightly more joyous hobbies?
WildStar unveils the details of raids
WildStar wants to have its raids be big. Big in size. Big in rewards. Big in engagement. Big in lots of ways, in short. The team has talked about them in passing elsewhere, most notably at PAX East 2014, but there still hasn't been a nice big info drop about raids that potential players could really sink their teeth into.
WildStar unveils Warplots DevSpeak
Do you consider yourself something of a military genius? Do you also consider yourself a big enthusiast for player housing? Have you long wished for some form of gameplay that combined your love of building the prettiest dwelling possible with your love of killing other players?
Check out WildStar's new body customization options
Earlier this month we discovered that Carbine was planning to add additional (as in "more than one") body types for each race and gender in WildStar.
PAX East 2014: WildStar's panel is all about the endgame
So what happens when when you reach the end of WildStar?You've got a while to think about it, obviously, the game isn't even out just yet. But it's an obvious concern.
PAX East 2014: Pre-launch words with WildStar's Jeremy Gaffney
WildStar is being released in about a month and a half. It feels as if it's been forever since the game first revealed its announcement trailer.

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