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Razer's Junglecat looks like an Xperia Play gamepad for the iPhone


Apple's iOS gamepad protocols have spawned some solid mobile button solutions, but they all have the same fundamental problem: portability. The appeal of mobile games is mobility -- it's not fun to lug around a spare controller on the off chance you might pick up a quick game on your phone. Razer's first mobile game controller embraces this problem by aping one of the strangest smartphones of the last decade: the Xperia Play.

Like the Xperia Play, the Razer Junglecat gamepad hides underneath your smartphone, sliding in and out like a QWERTY keyboard. Unfortunately, it's not quite as robust -- the Play's touch-sensitive dual thumb pads aren't represented here, just the standard four-way d-pad, two bumpers and A, X, B and Y buttons. At least it features Razer's flair for customization: a companion app will allow users to fully remap all of the controller's functions, and also serves as a portal for compatible games. It's also an iPhone exclusive controller. Interested in trading 20mm of pocket space and $99 for a portable gamepad? Check out the source link below.

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