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Breakfast Topic: Your Perfect Raid

Matthew Rossi

I don't mean to ask what your favorite raid is -- for one thing, I get tired of hearing people say Karazhan. I don't dispute that Karazhan is many, many players' favorite raid, I'm just saying, once you know that's the answer the question gets less interesting. No, what I'm curious about is what your perfect raid would be. For me, it would be a raid combining elements from several raids. It would have Naxxramas' ability to select any wing and progress at your own pace, Ulduar's fun and interesting boss fights (complete with an Algalon style boss only the best of the best could do), Black Temple's sense of scale and scope, and yes, Karazhan's awesome atmosphere. It would have at least one new spin on a council fight, and one boss who you had different classes tanking that normally don't tank.

So there you have my idea for what would be a perfect raid for me. Your turn. Make use of those comments and give to us the perfect raid.

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