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Aereo finally brings live television to your $35 Chromecast


Heads up, cord-cutters: those of you who own Chromecasts and live where streaming startup Aereo operates can now use both to bring live TV to your, well, TV. All it takes (besides the prerequisite hardware and Aereo subscription) is the newly updated Android app -- once that's in place, you'll be able to watch and record all those free shows thanks to a tiny remote antenna you don't even need to set up. That's fantastic news for folks trying to replace costly cable bundles with free OTA television and on-demand media, so we'll forgive the company for running a few days behind schedule. It's got a pretty good excuse, to be fair: Aereo said in a tweet that it needed to work out a few kinks, but the startup also had to justify its existence to the Supreme Court in late April because broadcasters believed their copyrights were being infringed. Those nine jurists will hand down their final decision some time this month, so you may want to enjoy this nifty new combination while it lasts.

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