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Canon serves up its own cloud-based image repository


We're shooting images with DLSRs, point-and-shoots, GoPros and smartphone cameras these days, so keeping all of those snaps in one place can be a chore. Looking to help ease the workflow, Canon has introduced irista: its own cloud-based storage service for wrangling all of those photos in a similar fashion as Dropbox's Carousel. As you might expect, the interface is driven by search and tag features alongside a customizable timeline and tiled UI. Details like lens type, location and more can be tacked on to each image for easy sorting. There aren't any dedicated mobile apps, but you can automatically sync files with a desktop app, manually through a web interface and directly from both Facebook and Flickr libraries. In terms of space, you'll get 10GB for free -- which can fill up quickly if you're taking a ton of photographs at larger sizes. 50GB and 100GB tiers are available too, at £4.49/€4.99 per month (£45.00/€49.00 per year) and £9.99/€10.99 per month (£99.00/€109.00 per year) respectively. In comparison with Dropbox, that's 8GB more space before shelling out funds, but it's 5GB less than Google Drive's no-cost option.

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