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Tinder takes a hint from Snapchat with self-destructing photo feature Moments


Tinder figured out a way to make casual, location-based hookups a little less creepy. But apparently connecting you with someone 30 feet away who just happens to like the cut of your jib isn't enough. Now the service is getting in to the so-called "ephemeral photo" game. Moments is a new feature being added to the matchmaking app for posting self-destructing photos. But this isn't exactly a Snapchat killer. The idea is less about sharing photos of your private parts and more about letting your matches get to know you a bit better. When you view your matches you'll see a new button allowing you to share a photo, then people either swipe left or right for "like" or "nope," just like they do with a person's profile photo. Plus, rather than a matter of seconds, images survive in Moments for a full 24 hours. (Oh, and you're sending them to all your matches... not just the ones that happen to enjoy the fine art of sexting.)

The moments you share allow people to get to know you a little better, but also allow you to see who is really interested. Maybe that cute blonde that popped up on your commute one morning isn't one for instigating conversation, but she might like every photo of your cat to express her interest. You aren't limited to straight snapshots either. You can scribble all over your pics with the integrated drawing tools to add a bit of whimsy, add text or an Instagram-esque filter. For Tinder it's about moving beyond just dating and becoming more of a true social network. There are additional features on deck too that are designed to ensure that Tinder isn't viewed as just a hookup app. Though the company is being pretty guarded about the details at the moment. The update with Moments is available now if you hit your app store of choice.

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