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Don't Starve: Giant Edition to hunt Vita owners

When you get in an oddly-lengthy groove of being alive in Don't Starve, a survival run in its unsettling brand of wilderness can take a while. If it's the sort of adventure you'd prefer to tackle while on the go, you're in luck - developer Klei Entertainment is bringing the terrors found both in the base game and the Reign of Giants DLC expansion to Vita as Don't Starve: Giant Edition.

While Klei Entertainment's Corey Rollins notes the team is "not sure of an exact release date yet," he confirms that the studio is implementing the Vita's touch features: "Navigation for menus, maps, items and crafting are all touch friendly, or you can use the classic button navigation."

Rollins adds that Klei is "looking into options to let existing players upgrade to the Vita version," but since the base game was previously offered on PlayStation Plus and Giant Edition will include the DLC, Rollins concludes that it's "a bit tricker and we can't do cross-buy."

Klei is also "working on the final steps" to bring Reign of Giants to PS4. As far as the multiplayer expansion, Don't Starve Together, Rollins says that it's "very unlikely" to reach the Vita and that Klei is "still trying to figure out what's possible for PS4 and our PC playable Alpha won't be ready until late August(ish)."

That sounds reasonable and all, but if we don't have moral support the next time we come across a nest of Don't Starve's terrifying spiders, we're not sure how well we'll hold up.
[Image: Klei Entertainment]

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