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Swift file icons pay homage to Apple's "Here's to the crazy ones..." text


Though the glory days of Apple Easter eggs has passed us by, Apple every now and again manages to throw a little something fun into the mix.

Most recently, developer Alexander Blunck discovered (via 9to5Mac) that if you zoom in close on the icons used for Swift files, you can see fragments of Apple's iconic "Here's to the crazy ones..." text.

This, of course, isn't the first time Apple has paid homage to the narrative text used in the company's famed "Think Different" ad campaign. It's long been known that Apple's TextEdit application icon houses the speech as well, albeit in a more complete form.

Some other Apple Easter eggs of the same ilk include the following.

The "All My Files" icon introduced in OS X Lion featured a hidden Steve Jobs tribute in the form of quotes from some of Jobs' most well-known soundbites.

Also introduced in OS X Lion is this gem. If a user makes his/her login icon a vinyl record, the icon itself pays tribute to some of Jobs' favorite keynote adjectives.

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