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US and EU Connected Realm updates for June 6

Anne Stickney

The Connected Realm service is making a return, and a whole new host of realms are scheduled for connection over the next several weeks for both the US and European servers. Although US realms have specific dates listed for connections, EU realms are simply listed as beginning next week.

The following US realms have been scheduled for connection on Thursday, June 12.
  • Azuremyst and Staghelm
  • Drenden and Arathor
  • Duskwood and Bloodhoof
  • Nagrand and Caelestrasz

The following US realms have been scheduled for connection on Thursday, June 19.

  • Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
  • Grizzly Hills and Lothar
  • Tanaris and Greymane
The US realms listed below don't currently have a scheduled connection date, but they've been added to the list of future realm connections.
  • Alterac Mountains and Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, The Forgotten Coast,and Warsong
  • Gnomeregan and Moonrunner

The following EU realms have been scheduled for connection next week.

English Realms
  • (PvE) Aggramar and Hellscream
  • (RP) Darkmoon Faire and Earthen Ring
German Realms
  • (PvE) Ambossar and Kargath
The EU realms listed below are scheduled for connection at some point after the realms listed above -- likely the week following, although a date has not been given.

German Realms
  • (PvE) Ysera and Malorne
If you're on a low-population realm, but not on the above list, keep in mind that realm connections are an ongoing process, and you may see your realm added to the list over the next several weeks. Also keep in mind that planned connections may change at any time, but Blizzard will keep us updated on changes -- realms may be added or removed from the list at any point in time. If you're wondering which realms have been connected so far, both the US official site and EU official site have full lists of all connections that have been made to date.

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