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'Burnout' developer Criterion is making another racing game


Criterion Games is working on another racing game; it isn't Burnout, however. This time it's not just about cars: It's about motorcycles, helicopters, wing-suits, jet skis and ATVs from the looks of early footage shown at Electronic Arts' press briefing. What's more, it's all from a first-person view (sort of like a GoPro POV) at all times. There are tricks too, and the team said that it's been largely influenced by action-sports footage it's seen online. Some very early gameplay footage and concept art was shown, but if we're being honest, the latter looked much better than the former -- often the case with in-development games. Given Criterion's pedigree, though, we're expecting pretty great things whenever it actually launches.

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Images provided by Brad Molen.

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