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EA shows Criterion's new first-person racer with all kinds of vehicles [Update]


At today's E3 conference, EA gave us a first look at the new game in development at the new-look Criterion Games. Going by what we saw, it's focused on first-person racing across a wide range of vehicles, taking in everything from jetskis to paragliding, and helicopters to snowmobiles. There's no name yet for the Burnout studio's new game, which isn't a shock because it's only in a prototype stage.

Criterion said it's been inspired by extreme real-life videos shot first-person, and the British studio hopes to channel that through first-person racing - "We're not ever going to take you out of that," said one of the developers - with the idea being to provide that sense of really being on the vehicle. The game also looked like it might be an open-world affair, something that should prick the ears of Burnout Paradise fans.

Update: Check out Criterion Games' presentation at E3 for yourself in the video above.

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