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This smart hoodie lets you message friends on the sly


You don't have to be a forward-thinking fashion designer or scientist to produce tech-savvy clothing. Need evidence? Just look at the smart hoodie developed by New York University grad students Alina Balean and Rucha Patwardhan. They've integrated a cellular-equipped Arduino board and switches into the wearable, letting you send messages through discreet movements; you can cover your head to text your mom, or roll up your sleeve to post on Facebook.

Balean adds that the hoodie could be useful in almost any situation where you'd rather not broadcast your intentions. You could let friends know that you're threatened without tipping off a would-be assailant, for instance. While you're not going to see this intelligent street wear at the local clothes shop, you might not have to wait that long -- since it's using off-the-shelf parts, there's a good possibility that you can make it yourself.

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