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Ubisoft: Completed Wii U game shelved, waiting on install base


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed Ubisoft has a completed Wii U game that has been on hold until the publisher believes the console's install base is satisfactory. "We have a game that has been done for six months. It's on the shelf, waiting for more families to have the console," Guillemot told Polygon. The publisher's latest major title, Watch Dogs, is slated to launch in November on Wii U after recently arriving on a handful of other systems.

"We still have another game that we are waiting for the machine to become more popular before launch," Guillemot added in a conversation with IGN. "It's more addressed at families, and it's not yet there. We are waiting for that machine to be more distributed so that we can increase the number of games." Ubisoft previously admitted that lackluster Wii U sales drove the delay of Rayman Legends on the system.
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