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Oculus nabs co-founder of 'Uncharted' developer


More than a few people (including one absurdly rich 30 year old) think that the Oculus Rift is going to change the world. As it turns out, that list just got a little longer today: former THQ president and Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin is joining the Oculus mothership as its head of worldwide studios. What exactly does that involve? Rubin painted us a picture (with broad strokes, alas) in a post on the official Oculus blog:

"I'm excited to bring together a new division dedicated to building high-quality VR content that helps define the platform and inspire others to do the same."

It's a interesting move on Oculus' part, but maybe not a surprising one. Take a look at some of Oculus VR's other big-name hires -- John Carmack (who was accused of stealing VR tech from his former employer) is the Facebook subsidiary's chief technology officer, while ex-Valvie Michael Abrash now serves as Oculus' chief scientist. That's a considerable amount of brainpower dedicated to fleshing out what the Rift (and its eventual descendants) are capable of, but what about the content? What about the games, the worlds, the universes that this new attainable age of virtual reality could bring to the masses? Rubin -- who's had a hand in creating Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter to name a few -- is an experienced hand that should help steer this new generation of media in the right direction, though his tenure at THQ was marked by asset sales and liquidations. Hey, maybe he'll tap some of those young VR wizards to help out.

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