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Pinterest hires two former Apple execs to lead engineering and design

Sarah Silbert

Pinterest is doing really well - we're talking $5 billion valuation-level well. And to cement its status as a mega-success, the site has scooped up two former Apple execs to lead engineering and product design. First up is Michael Lopp, who worked on Mac OS X before moving to software company Palantir. As head of engineering, he'll help scale site infrastructure and lead product development teams. On the product design side, Pinterest's appointed Bob Baxley, who worked on Apple's online store. His official title will be head of product design and research.

As Re/code points out, Lopp and Baxley don't just have stints at Apple in common; both are relatively prominent beyond their careers in Silicon Valley. Lopp blogs under the pen name Rands, and he's authored books on engineer management and software development. Baxley, meanwhile, wrote the book Making the Web Work. In any case, both new hires come to the table with impressive resumes, which will come in handy for a site that's surpassed 30 billion pins.

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