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Seen@E3: The Joystiq Project Morpheus Luge Experience

Project Morpheus didn't loom large during Sony's E3 2014 presentation on Monday, but the company's VR helmet did peek its head above ground and was available for brief demos on the show floor. In addition to the knight combat demo that appeared at the headset's GDC debut and CCP's Valkyrie, Sony had a brand new luge racing game. In the game, you're hurtling down a mountain road, hugging turns and dodging speeding semi trucks, with none of the forgiving distance of just watching a digital vehicle on a television screen.

First, Anthony got into the Project Morpheus to try the luge. Then Richard got in the luge. Then Susan got in the luge. Then all of them freaked right the heck out. It looked kind of like this.

Then it kind of looked like this.

And finally, well, it looked a whole lot like this.

Is Joystiq ready for competition level luge? Probably not. Is it ready for Project Morpheus? Positively.

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