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Massive Chalice runneth over onto Xbox One


Massive Chalice, Double Fine's turn-based strategy game, is coming to Xbox One as a console exclusive in early 2015. The added Xbox One launch will not impact the game's scheduled PC release – for Kickstarter backers first.

"We thought we'd kick out a quick update to clear up any confusion that this might cause," Double Fine writes in a Kickstarter update. "Nothing has changed with our plans to bring Massive Chalice to the PC and to make it available for our backers first. YEAH! During this time we'll be porting the game to the Xbox One."

Massive Chalice is a tactical, feudal fantasy game that raised $1.2 million on Kickstarter in 2013. It was Double Fine's second dip into Kickstarter, following Double Fine Adventure (now called Broken Age), which raised $3.3 million in 2012 and incited the gaming crowdfunding craze.

At E3, Microsoft announced a lineup of indie games heading to Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program, including Threes, Plague, Inc. Evolved, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and the Limbo studio's new game, Inside.

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