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Nero has a sense of duty, not a call


Nero is a spiritual exploration and first-person puzzle game set in a world of floating robed figures, glowing orbs and skeletal ghosts. It's filled with dark, dense vegetation and crumbling ruins with slivers of neon light lining their edges and curves. Jellyfish float through the streams along the pathways. It's a game about love, sadness and a sense of duty, Producer Giulia Carlotta Zamboni said during a hands-off Xbox One demo at E3. The game comes from Italian studio Storm in a Teacup.

Nero is in alpha now, but already it presents a beautiful, mysterious landscape. Though there are plenty of puzzles to solve within the game, it's truly about the story and the characters, Creative Director Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi added.

"What are you willing to sacrifice for someone you love?" he asked, presenting the game's premise. Nero is due out in Q1 2015 for Xbox One, PC and possibly other platforms.
[Image: Storm in a Teacup]

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