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Fez studio starts Polytron Partners to 'give back'


Polytron Corporation is breaking into the not-publishing (but kind of publishing) business with Polytron Partners, beginning with Panoramical, an audio visualizer from designer Fernando Ramallo and Proteus music man David Kanaga. Fez creator Phil Fish announced Polytron Partners on his blog:

"We only got to make Fez in the first place because of the help and support of a LOT of cool people. Time to give back a little, you know? When I offered to help with the release, Fernando explained that he was already working out a somewhat similar deal with Adam and Bekah Saltsman's FINJI. They would provide help with day to day operations, payment logistics, things like that. The kind of details independent developers often need help with when they're busy trying to ship the damn thing. What Polytron could help with was production and promotion."

Polytron Partners is not a publishing operation, Fish said. "One word we're trying real hard to avoid is 'publishing.' Because what does that even mean in 2014, really ...? It's a partnership."

Panoramical is filled with diverse, colorful digital landscapes that respond to your audio input via a keyboard or midi controller. We got a taste of it at the E3 Horizon conference, and saw skies of shooting rainbows and flexing, rock-like orbs. It was impressive. Panoramical is due out in early 2015 on Steam for PC and Mac.
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