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New aerial shots show progress on Apple's "spaceship"


Apple's new campus is expected to open in just about two years, so as you can imagine there's a ton of work being done on the massive construction site. News and traffic reporter for San Francisco's KCBS, who goes by the Twitter handle @Sky1Ron, has snapped a few great shots of the work being done on what is lovingly called "the spaceship."

apple's spaceship campus

apple's spaceship campus

As you can see, the building is beginning to take shape, with some structural walls in place and the general shape of the campus now clearly defined. The size of the work trucks in these shots really offer a great perspective on how massive the spaceship is.

As an added bonus, here's one last photo from Sky1Ron showing both the new campus under construction and Apple's current headquarters (bottom right).

apple's spaceship campus

[Photo credit: Sky1Ron]

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