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Nokia and Korean carrier demo LTE fast enough to transfer 5GB of data in just 11 seconds


File this under "science for science's sake." At least for now. A team of researchers at Nokia and Korean carrier SK Telecom have demonstrated a super-fast LTE network running at 3.7Gbps -- that's speedy enough to transfer a 5GB file in just 11 seconds. To put that in context, most LTE networks deliver up to around 150 Mbps, and even the most cutting-edge of cutting-edge LTE-Advanced networks tap out at 300 Mbps. Sounds like a pretty big improvement, eh? Well, this is where that proof-of-concept thing comes in: No phone on earth is currently capable of these speeds, nor are most modems, for that matter. So, it could be a while before your handset is actually capable of downloading a full-length movie in 11 seconds. Still, good to know the technology's there, right?

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