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Rumor Roundup: Some assembly required


iOS 8 code shows iPad split-screen, Maps transit in the works; Health interface changed late in development (9to5 Mac)

Summary of this article: "Here are 1000 words worth of excuses for why we've whiffed on so many rumors in 2014."

Rumor: NFC, wireless charging, improved LTE slated for iPhone 6 (9to5 Mac)

NFC and wireless charging have both been rumored iPhone features for several years in a row, but Apple has shown little (if any) interest in either technology. Don't get too excited about this "report" is all I'm saying.

IPHONE 6 LEAK: iPhone 6, iPhone phablet release schedule seemingly revealed (BGR)

The source for this "leak" -- again, BGR, you don't seem to know what that word really means -- is an analyst who hasn't made a single accurate prediction about Apple since 2012. In fact, this is the same analyst who made the ridiculously laughable "iRing" prediction almost exactly a year ago. "IPHONE 6 LEAK" indeed.

Apple's iWatch expected to be even bigger than the iPad in its first year (BGR)

Some analyst makes baseless sales predictions for a product that's not even confirmed to exist. BGR apparently didn't think this was newsworthy enough for an ALL-CAPS INTRO, so it's even more safe than usual to ignore this analyst-sourced nonsense.

iMac reportedly getting a spec bump next week, but no Retina model yet (9to5 Mac)

Unfortunately for "accurate" analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, these alleged iMac updates weren't ready in time for WWDC. But I'm sure we'll find out later this was due to some kind of manufacturing difficulty, or swamp gas reflecting off of Venus... whatever it takes to exonerate both the analyst who made a wrong prediction and the rumor blogs who fawn on his every word no matter how often those words turn out to be wrong.

New iPad Air with same design, 8MP rear camera, and more efficient A8 chip enters production this month (9to5 Mac)

Asian source says stuff about forthcoming Apple product, offers no evidence for its claims. 9to5 Mac reblogs it. Water is wet, sky is blue. Film at 11.

GET READY... New leak supposedly shows the actual, completely redesigned iPhone 6! (BGR)

BGR shows either a shockingly limited grasp of the English language or a willful and deliberate ignorance of the meaning of the phrase "fully assembled."

From the article: "Of note, internal components are likely not in place in the device pictured."

I'm not sure what exactly it is we're supposed to "GET READY" for... other than 50 more brain-dead articles like this one over the next three months.

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