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Tim Cook and Eddy Cue are big fans of the latest "Beats by Dre" commercial


A few days ago, Beats released the following commercial in anticipation of the World Cup, which gets underway this afternoon. Dubbed The Game Before The Game, the commercial features quite a few shots of the iPhone 5s, and, of course, no shortage of athletes preparing for game day by getting lost in their music on Beats headphones.

The commercial is pretty great, and Tim Cook even made a point of highlighting it in a tweet sent out yesterday.

With all of the talk surrounding Apple wanting to bolster its in-house advertising team, perhaps the Beats acquisition might help fuel Apple's creativity in avenues aside from music. While Apple's advertising has unquestionably picked up over the last 12-18 months, the Beats commercial certainly has a younger and hipper vibe than traditional Apple ads.

Apple exec Eddy Cue also made a point of praising the commercial via Twitter, noting "As a huge sports fan, I love "The Game Before The Game."

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