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WoW Moviewatch: The Warlock -- Barrens Chat


There's no better way than to reminisce about the days of old than dragging The Warlock through very pit of despair known as Barrens Chat. Created by none other than Nixxiom, this episode has all the laughs, crass humor, and digs at our own gamer culture that you could ever hope to see.

The video struck a nostalgic point for me. Remember the days of infinite Chuck Norris jokes? These days, trying to crack a line about the Bearded One is no more hip than strutting down the mall in your Jams. Though, I suppose both could be saved by a hefty dose of irony. But still, let's hear it for Barrens Chat. It's an age gone by that no amount of pandering or cataclysming will ever truly bring back.
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