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5 animals that are better at iPad games than you


We'd like to think that Apple made the iPad for us humans, but with how quickly the rest of the animal kingdom has mastered the tablet, I'm not so sure. The skill with which these creatures frantically scrape, tap, and lick the screen is pretty admirable. Let's take a look at five examples of pets enjoying Apple's beloved slate more than their caretakers.

Oliver the kitten uses a pretty standard feline technique here, which amounts to freaking the hell out over moving things on the screen.

Six-week-old Jeff takes things to the next level by swiping at the screen so frantically that he manages to activate the iPad's keyboard and a few other human-only features. This doesn't seem to deter him, though.

Murray is much more tactical, using all four paws to best the poor digital mouse on the screen.

This bearded dragon is the master of murdering digital ants, even managing to murder a half dozen with a single lick. Now that's some serious skill.

The old two-tongues-at-once trick gives these ferrets an advantage no human could hope to match.

[Photo credit: Hajime Nakano]

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