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Engadget Daily: surviving Aliens on the Oculus Rift, a guide to drones and more!


Today, we fight off aliens on the Oculus Rift, meet SoftBank's new robot, Pepper-kun, investigate the reality of commercialized drones in the US and go hands-on with Samsung's Galaxy Tab S. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.

Up close and personal with Samsung's vibrant Galaxy Tab S

Meet Samsung's newest family of slates: the 8.4- and 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab S. Both models are snappy and and easy to hold, but what really sets this duo apart are their vibrant Super AMOLED displays. What's more, they can communicate with your Galaxy S5 over Wi-FI Direct.

What you need to know about commercial drones

Drones have the potential to fundamentally change certain businesses and industries, so why aren't the skies filled with commercialized UAVs? Well, mostly because they're illegal. Read on as our own Steve Dent discusses the ABCs of drone flight in the US.

How I got stabbed in the chest at E3 2014 (an Oculus Rift tale)

Demos are a thing of the past: Oculus Rift's second development kit was running full-on games at E3 2014, and Ben Gilbert was there to take part in the action. He also got (virtually) stabbed in the chest by an alien.

Are you ready for your first home robot? Meet Pepper

This is Pepper-kun, and he could be your very first robot butle... er, friend. As long as you've got $1,900 to spare, of course. Built by SoftBank, this android-on-wheels is the company's "first step" toward affordable humanoid robots.

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