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Bust a move with ThinkGeek's Mega Man Buster Gun replica

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Hey kids! Are you bored with your regular arms? Tired of swinging around those useless tubes of meat? Introducing the Mega Man Buster Gun from ThinkGeek! Featuring authentic sounds and a light-up side display to make you feel like you're really Mega Man! Embarrass your loved ones! Save the day from eight questionably-themed Robot Masters!*

Everyone's talking about it! "I was a skeptic, but the Mega Man Buster Gun replica really works!** I can't believe it!"***

Available this December for one low, low payment of $79.99. Don't delay, bookmark the store page now!****

* Robot Masters are not real. Do not use Mega Man Buster Gun to fight anyone. Always aim away from face.
** Mega Man Buster Gun does not actually fire bullets of concentrated energy.
*** They can totally believe it.
**** This post is written as an infomercial for entertainment purposes only, and should not be viewed as an advertisement or paid editorial. ThinkGeek is not affiliated with Joystiq. Joystiq retains the right to make jokes that can sometimes be hit-and-miss.
[Image: ThinkGeek]

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