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MMO Week in Review: Massively's E3 roundup


E3 2014: SOE's evil ways are on display in this H1Z1 teaser
E3 2014: Final Fantasy XIV discusses ninjas and same-sex marriage
E3 2014: EVE: Valkyrie gameplay trailer brings war to the stars
E3 2014: Skyforge previews classes and customization in new video and images
E3 2014: The Crew launches November 11th and is totally an MMO
E3 2014: The Division gives you high-tech tools and upgradable bases to save NYC
E3 2014: Destiny's gameplay trailer hopes to sell you on the experience
E3 2014: World of Speed's trailer pimps its rides
E3 2014: Final Fantasy XIV's Live Letter details fan festival dates
E3 2014: No Man's Sky gets a new trailer
E3 2014: Here's four minutes of Destiny footage
E3 2014: See Dawngate's 'badass bookish nerds' honored in a new video
E3 2014: Warframe is heading to Xbox One
E3 2014: The Division will get content updates on Xbox One first

WildStar tips for every player
The first week in WildStar
WildStar announces paid realm transfers, path gear vendors
WildStar begins to sell C.R.E.D.D. subscription items
Now we're playing some WildStar
Catching up on WildStar's launch

Other top MMO stories
Rumor: Black Desert is in 'final phase of negotiations' with NA, EU publisher
The big thing that Elder Scrolls Online got right
ZeniMax reduces ESO customer support staff in Ireland
Yoshida to Microsoft: FFXIV on Xbox One 'needs to happen'
LotRO's update 14 opens West Gondor, raises level cap to 100
Take a tour of LotRO's Update 14
Star Citizen begins dogfighting multiplayer invites
Elder Scrolls releases 'live another life' video
SWTOR's Spoils of War update offers casinos, tweaks group finder
Blizzard serves up some Hearthstone tips
Mortal Online upgrades its graphics engine
The Secret World ARG fails to fund
Defiance returns to Syfy next week, features game loot codes

The Stream Team
The Stream Team: Spelunking in Landmark's caves

WoW Insider
Warlords of Draenor Alpha: Updated patch notes for June 13th
Warlords of Draenor transmog preview on Wowhead
Warforged Nightmare mount now available in WoW
What can World of Warcraft learn from Wildstar?

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