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10 Years Gone: Today is Joystiq's most decadent birthday

Shunted out of the Los Angeles sunshine and E3's all-encompassing embrace, the Joystiq crew returned to their respective homelands over the weekend, finding solace on both sides of the Atlantic. They returned to loved ones, frequently photographed pets, and much-needed rest. Today, the crew celebrates completing not just another E3 but an altogether more momentous occasion: JOYSTIQ IS TEN YEARS OLD, Y'ALL!

It was on June 16, 2004 that the little ol' website known as Joystiq was born. Appropriately, it was E3 2004 that demonstrated a need for Joystiq in the first place. Our sibling site Engadget, overwhelmed by covering the show that year, realized that maybe there was something to these video game things and so Joystiq was created to cover that wide realm. We've expanded and contracted over the years, ballooning out into blogs like Xbox 360 Fanboy and others, with myriad podcasts and shows created along the way. Ten years on, we're at our most focused, entertaining and potent, with the Super Joystiq Podcast, Joystiq Streams, and the kind of daily writing that makes grown men and women weep with joy.

We're going to be celebrating our Tin Anniversary with all kinds of special stories, including a massive look back at our favorite games of the past decade. Stay tuned for those over the next few weeks, and stick around for the next ten years.

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