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Angry Birds Transformers is coming, and hopefully Michael Bay isn't involved


Angry Birds has never taken itself too seriously, which is probably why so many people absolutely adore the franchise. From the original physics puzzler to crossovers with Star Wars and Rio, and even a cart racing game, you can't really fault Rovio for giving players what they want -- which happens to be more Angry Birds. But today, the company revealed the next big evolution of the Angry Birds brand with Angry Birds Transformers. I think it needs to stop now.

Literally nothing is known about the new Transformers crossover aside from what can be gleaned from the goofy artwork on the teaser site, but the fact that this title exists at all is proof that our addiction to Angry Birds has gone too far. From the iconic red bird gussied up in Optimus Prime gear to the speedy yellow bird zipping along as Bumblebee, the series has now jumped the shark. Actually, it jumped the shark a while ago, now it's just doing laps around the shark on a bedazzled jet ski.

The teaser site simply states that the new game is "coming soon to app stores," though I'm sure it'll also be coming soon to toy shelves, t-shirt racks, and every other corner of your local department store. Brace yourselves.

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