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Beautiful iOS 8 time lapse video shows a father's morning with special needs child


One of the features of iOS 8 we're most excited about is the ability to shoot time lapse videos natively. While there are apps available in the iTunes store that add this feature, we're looking forward to seeing what people will create when they discover the feature themselves. Take baby William for example. William has a rare form of Downs Syndrome called Mosaic Downs Syndrome which requires his father to run through a complicated series of therapy activities in the morning.

His father has made a beautiful, genuinely moving, video showing their morning routine using the new time lapse camera feature in iOS 8. From physical therapy in the form of "gymnastics" that must be done four times a day to play with favorite toys, feeding, and getting William ready for his nap, the video shows a busy morning in the life of a father and his special son.

This is one of the advantages of a feature like time lapse becoming common rather than something you must know about to seek out in the App Store. When the ability is in the hands of everyone, it becomes easier for stories like William's to be told, and this is an incredible story of love to witness.

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