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E3 2014: A quick hands-on with Destiny

MJ Guthrie

As much as you might want have wanted to sink your teeth into Destiny at E3 2014, the lines and waits were pretty long. Even after the wait, we were afforded but a small taste of what Bungie's upcoming shooter has to offer before the next group was shuffled through.

After watching a video that touted plenty of public events, three-man strikes, dungeons, and story content, I followed the herd into a room and was subsequently not allowed to play any of that. Instead, the machines were all set up in teams for multiplayer PvP matches only. Using pre-made con characters (players will be able to take their own characters in the competitive multiplayer mode at release), we dived right in to two back-to-back capture-the-flag scenarios. On the plus side, the two maps highlighted the good graphics and sported very different landscapes; besides the very distinct themes, one had vehicles to utilize, while the other did not. On the negative side, throwing together such random teams of folks who've never touched the game before led to a less-than-ideal experience in teamwork.

The brief play-test that focused only on PvP allowed for little in-depth exploration of the title. How's Destiny PvE and the rest of its sci-fi quasi-MMO experience? We'll let you know when beta opens July 17th on the PS4!

Massively's on the ground in Los Angeles during the week of June 10-12, bringing you all the best news from E3 2014. We're covering everything from WildStar and Landmark to Skyforge and H1Z1, so stay tuned!

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