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Bad App Reviews: Angry Birds


There are some fantastic games on the App Store, but not everyone loves every best-selling title. When some customers decide to use their eloquent writing skills to pen disparaging reviews, hilarity ensues. Bad App Reviews brings you actual App Store critiques written by living breathing humans. Have a suggestion for a game? Hit me up on Twitter at @MikeWehner.

Angry Birds is the most popular franchise in the history of the App Store, but there are still plenty of people who aren't mesmerized by the bright colors and flighty antics of Rovio's biggest cash cow. Here are some of the best 1-star Angry Birds reviews in the App Store.

my 5-year-old plays this game and we went to the fair and he started beating pigs

so boaring

this game is like giving a dead body plastic surgery before its burial

way too easy and way too unentertaining

if you want the government to spy on your every action this game is right up your alley

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