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Make space for Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content [update]


As revealed during E3, Bungie's Destiny comes with a bundle of exclusive content at launch on PlayStation systems. Now Sony's detailed what that content comprises, and in short it's guns, gear, maps and ships - everything a Spaceman Spiff could need.

The multiplayer shooter's platform-exclusive content is headlined by the Exodus Blue Crucible arena map and Dust Palace Strike three-player mission, offering competitive and co-operative play respectively. The Exodus Blue is a long-abandoned ship , while the Dust Palace - OK, it's a dust palace, but it's on Mars! Everything's better on Mars - fact.

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The PS goodies also include a piece of armor for each of the three classes, the Hawkeye hand cannon and the Monte Carlo assault rifle, and three ships to explore the galaxy with. For more details on all of the content, head on over to the PS Blog.

PS4 owners have been getting better acquainted with Destiny over the last few days, but the extended alpha finally came to a close late last night. The space-faring FPS returns to PS4 and PS3 in beta form next month, with the test run due to launch on July 17. A beta is also due later on Xbox One and Xbox 360. After that, the game proper launches for all four platforms on September 9.

Update: Though the PS Blog post doesn't note it explicitly, we've confirmed the PlayStation Store on PS4 asterisks the content with "Timed Exclusivity," suggesting it could come to other platforms at some point. Meanwhile, Eurogamer reports Amazon listed the content as a "timed exclusive until at least Fall 2015."

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