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Apple unveils a lower-cost iMac starting at $1,099


If you've felt that the iMac's baseline $1,299 price was too high, you're in luck... to a degree. Apple has unveiled a new 21-inch iMac that lowers the cost of entry to a more palatable $1,099 (£899 in the UK). As you'd expect, though, there are a few catches involved in saving that much cash. To start with, you're getting the same low-voltage, 1.4GHz Core i5 processor that you find in the MacBook Air -- this isn't a powerhouse by any stretch. You'll also have to make do with a 500GB hard disk, although you can spring for 1TB disks (including a Fusion Drive) or a 256GB solid-state drive. The move isn't going to please those who were hoping for a full refresh of the iMac line, but that may not happen until Intel launches desktop-class Broadwell processors. This system will mostly be appealing to schools and anyone else who wants a complete Apple desktop for the lowest price possible.

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