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Kasumi clone 'Phase-4' joins Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate roster


Because Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate can never have enough slight variations on franchise protagonist Kasumi, the developer has unveiled "Phase-4," a new character who is quite literally a clone of the series' most famous kunoichi.

Unveiled alongside the 1.07 patch (which squashes a handful of bugs, but is otherwise largely focused on fleshing out Phase-4), this latest iteration of Kasumi shares a few of the original's moves, though as you can see in the above trailer, Phase-4 adds a unique, smoky touch to everything she does. Even her alternate costumes are mysterious. They all seem to bear the trademark hyper-sexuality that Team Ninja infuses into all of its games, but Phase-4's various costumes generally revolve around a hood, making her the most brooding, angsty version of Kasumi to date.

Publisher Tecmo Koei has a long history of releasing dozens of paid DLC offerings for its games, and Phase-4 is no exception. Those hoping to add the new fighter to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate face a $6 cover charge. Assuming you've got that kind of cash, Phase-4 can now be found on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
[Image: Tecmo Koei]

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