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Snapchat now lets you collaborate with other users on evaporating pictures


In 2013, Snapchat launched My Story for those who don't mind sharing their pics for just a bit longer, and now they're expanding that feature for those who'd also like to share with more people. While the older feature lets you add images to a feed that friends can see for 24 hours, Our Story gives you the chance to contribute to a shared timeline with other users. All you need to do is send your picture to a particular event hub under the My Friends page, though be warned that you'll have to activate location services so the app can check if you're truly there. Sadly, it doesn't look like you can make your own shared timeline with friends -- hey, there's Facebook for that -- the feature only works with events Snapchat officially adds. You should be able to access Our Story right now without having to update the app, but you'd have to attend the Electric Daisy Festival in Vegas to test it out.

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