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Steam begins selling all-text interactive fiction with Heroes Rise


Text adventure developer Choice of Games placed the literary RPGs in the Heroes Rise series on Steam's shelves this week. Both games, The Hero Project and The Prodigy, are 33 percent off ($1.99 each) until June 24. The Heroes Rise bundle, which includes Perfect Legend Guides for both games and a "Warning System" add-on for The Hero Project, is 20 percent off ($3.99) until June 30.

This marks the first time a pure text-only adventure (without complimentary audio and visual elements) has been available on Steam, according to Choice of Games. The developer's previous works include Choice of the Dragon, Mecha Ace and Neighbourhood Necromancer, some of its text adventures being freely available to play on its website while others have mobile versions for platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Other visual novels that found a home on Steam include Christine Love's Analogue: A Hate Story in April 2012 and its follow-up Hate Plus in August 2013 as well as Zoe Quinn's Depression Quest, which was Greenlit for Steam distribution in January.
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