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Sony Action Cams are ready to stream live internet video


Sony Action Cam owners: if you're eager to share your sporting adventures with the world, your moment has come. The company has just rolled out a firmware update for the AS100V (installable on Macs or Windows) that lets you broadcast live video on Ustream, complete with social network alerts when you're on the air. The higher-end camera also gets a new Motion Shot Mode that composites several photos into one, while burst shooting and self-timer modes are useful for both action-packed images and self-portraits.

You won't get live streaming or high-speed photography if you're using the more modest AS30V cam, but you're not out of luck. It's getting its own upgrade (available on Macs and Windows) that delivers multi-camera control through an optional remote, better automatic exposure and the use of WiFi without a memory card. Hit the source links if you're ready to expand your cinematic repertoire.

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